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Selecting SERVPRO means Expert Water Damage Help

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

close up of a person attempting to strike a match stick. Need Fire Damage Help? Call our team for help at 706-868-5441

SERVPRO of Columbia County teams reside in a masterclass of water damage restoration. SERVPRO crews can expertly restore any size loss using training, experience, and capability.

SERVPRO professionals achieve the highest standard of cleanliness and restorative power through our highly regimented system processes. Our series of processes has been tested, tried, and improved upon for decades. Our processes help to keep homes that experience a loss organized through the restorative process through data systems, excellent communication, and setting expectations with our clients. SERVPRO procedures are proven to be successful in remediation of water, fire, mold, biohazard, textile restoration, storm response, and COVID-19 disinfection and sanitization and more.

A Few of Our Processes

One of the many SERVPRO processes our crews follow is the 1-4-8 response guidelines. 1 hour for communication and dispatching a crew to the loss site. 4 hours to begin work through setting necessary drying equipment or scope of work. Followed by 8 hours for communication with all parties including your insurance adjuster on expectations, our processes for restoring, and scope of work submission.

The 1-4-8 system is designed so our crews can respond to your loss quickly. When experiences a water loss, timing means everything as minutes of reaction time can mean the difference between a small or a large loss, including the ability to avoid microbial growth.

For fires, another procedure our SERVPRO professionals use is “Wash, Rinse, Dry.” This method is implemented to combat fire damages. Fire damage often affects not only the structure, but its contents because of soot and smoke smells. Beginning with “Wash,” this is performed using SERVPRO manufactured products that can remove soot and smoke discoloration from walls. SERVPRO of Columbia County crew members use the Wash product to literally wash the walls to aid in breaking down smoke and soot particulates found on walls and baseboards.

Meanwhile, a routine pack-out and/or removal of damaged, yet restorable, contents are organized and brought to the SERVPRO of Columbia County in-house contents cleaning department. Within our contents cleaning department, items are strategically itemized, organized, cleaned and re-packed for later moving contents back into a clean environment.

Next, “Rinsing” of the walls is completed immediately after “Washing.” Rinsing helps to wash away residue product from cleaning of the walls and baseboards. Finally, the “Dry” method acts to prep for painting. After a fire, using a Kilz paint to seal in the cleaning product and combat any smoke smells that would have been left behind then acts as a final deodorizing procedure.

Need Fire Damage Help? We are here for you. Call our office at 706-868-5441 for more information or to schedule an appointment for advice and to start restorative processes.

Don’t Let Your Business Suffer Because of Water Damage

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Image of SERVPRO logo over an icicle photo with a "Frozen Pipes" text overlay Need Help with Burst Pipes? Call the experts at 706-868-5441

Businesses Benefit With SERVPRO

Need to open your doors after a water loss FAST? Call SERVPRO. SERVPRO reacts quickly to water losses as our crews know that timing means everything when it comes to reversing damages caused by water. Fast reaction times can help prevent further damages. Every minute that your business’ doors are closed, could mean lost revenue for you and your staff.

Crews Are Ready to Help Serve You.

SERVPRO of Columbia County offers our clients priority response at the first notice of an emergency. Fast response times almost always mean less damage affecting your business. Our crews can react and attack water damages by finding the source of damage and quickly creating a strategic plan to restore your business to help mitigate would-be extensive damages.

At SERVPRO of Columbia County we aim to respond quickly as we understand that the longer water sits, the more of a threat the water becomes at prolonging the issue. For example, its Monday morning and you unlock the front doors of your business, you start to turn on the lights as you hear a strange noise and step ankle deep into murky water. A pipe has burst overnight and now your business is completely flooded; sheetrock is being to wick moisture up the walls and disintegrate. Not only that, but all contents are soaking wet from the burst pipe above. You aren’t sure how long the water has been running, 1, 4, 24 hours? If a standard half-inch pipe breaks, in just a few hours there can be up to 10,000 gallons of water spilled.

Avoiding Business Water Damages

No one can fully prepare for a water damage emergency. However, you can try to mitigate potential risks by following a few of these expert tips.

  • Perform routine checks on pipes in the home such as under sinks and behind toilets.
  • Check your crawlspace semi-regularly for standing water from unforeseen water leaks.
  • Locate and note where your water shut off valves are located and how to use them.
  • Properly insulate your exposed pipes to prevent freezing, sweating, and other like damages.

Need Emergency Water Damage Help? Call our team of experts at SERVPRO of Columbia County at 706-868-5441.

SERVPRO Difference in Fighting Fire Damage Evans

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

Two fire fighters on the left side of the image fight the orange blaze from a large fire SERVPRO of Columbia County is ready to help make your house fire "Like it never even happened."® Call 706-868-5441 for fire damage help!

Our Passion Drives Success

The SERVPRO Way is what separates our franchise from other restoration companies when restoring your home or business after a fire. Excellent fire restoration processes coupled with SERVPRO proprietary products achieves a full restorative clean for your home after a fire. Not only do we have success proven processes, but we also have passionate crews who will treat your home with respect.

Utilize Your County’s Resources

Avoiding a fire can be achieved through following Fire Safety Tips from Columbia County Emergency Management Agency. Here are a few professional tips that could help your family avoid disaster:

  • Speak to your family members or neighbors about your fire safety plan and practice it with them.
  • Contact your local fire department's non-emergency line, they may perform a home fire safety inspection and offer suggestions about smoke alarm placement and maintenance.
  • If you have disabilities, ask emergency providers to keep your needs information on file.
  • Keep a phone near your bed and be ready to call 911 if a fire occurs.

For Commercial Businesses, additional Fire Safety Tip Resources from the Columbia County Emergency Management Agency are as follows:

  • Find other exits that you can use in an emergency.
  • Are any exits blocked or locked? Do they look like they will open?
  • Do you see any leaking flammables or chemicals (paint thinners, pesticides etc.)
  • Let a manager know and call 311.

SERVPRO Can Help After a Disaster

Although fires can be prevented, still, disastrous fire instances can occur. As a fire can disrupt your home’s synchronization, our crews aim to return your home to a sense of normalcy after a fire interrupts life. We achieve this goal through working quickly and efficiently to restore your home. Additionally, we strive to provide Five Star / Level 10 service, the highest service-level ratings our teams can provide. Our goal is to have your home to appear and smell unrecognizable to having had experienced a fire damage incident and restore to preloss condition.

Need Our Help? We understand this is a sensitive time for you and your family. For assistance, please call our office team to speak with a restoration expert to learn the next steps towards regaining freedom from your fire damage at 706-868-5441.

Fires Are On The Rise In The Winter

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A menorah lights curtains into a blaze during the holiday season This holiday season, be mindful and keep your home safe from fire threats. Do you need fire damage help? Call our team at 706-868-5441.

Fire Damages Can Threaten Holiday Fun and Safety

House fires occur during the winter months typically from unforeseen, yet often preventable instances.

Keeping yourself prepared for potential fire threats is important to keeping your home and family safe during the holidays. Do you plan to host out-of-town visitors at your home? Important things to note is to assure that your guests know important safety measures. For example, letting your guests know where the fire extinguisher is located, the meeting place outside of a home for a fire, typically your home’s mailbox, and all exit points for the home are vital. Additionally, introducing or helping to familiarize your guests with helpful neighbors could be found important.

Do Fires Increase During the Holiday Seasons?

Usually, fires around the holiday times like Christmas occur because of electrical fires, improper use of space heaters, or from unattended candles. Unattended candles will eventually catch fire because melted wax eventually heats into a gas format which later turns into vapor. This vapor, mixed with oxygen, has a flash point, and can easily catch fire. Additionally, candles with high fragrance content are more likely to catch fire if left to burn for too long. Although we love to fill our home with the strong scents of Cinnamon, apple and pecan around the holidays, these high fragrance candles are to be carefully monitored.

6 Steps for Candle Safety

  • Don’t Walk Away from Your Candles. Never leave a burning candle. Make sure the candle is completely out and the wick ember is no longer glowing before leaving the room.
  • Secure the Area. Never burn a candle encase anything that could catch fire. This includes anything with fabric, paper, or bedding.
  • Keep Kids and Pets Away. Make sure children and pets who do not fully understand the dangers of a candle cannot knock over the candles.
  • Avoid Drafts and Vents. Keeping candles away from drafts will help against soot and excessive dripping.
  • Don’t touch or move while candle is lit. Never move while lit or while wax is liquefied, this can cause burns or ruin flooring or furniture if there is a spill.
  • Keep candles 3’ apart from each other. Keeping candles apart helps them to not melt together or create their own drafts that will cause the candle to alter their burning.

Have you experienced a fire damage this season or simply want to learn more about our restorative process? Call our office at 706-868-5441.

What Ice Could Mean for Your Homes Health

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

Ice covered homes, roadways, trees, and sidewalks. Ice covered roadways and homes make it nearly impossible for safe travel and can threaten a home's health. Need SERVPRO? Call us at 706-868-5441.

Ice Storm Tips for Protecting Your Home

Don’t let winter storms ruin your holiday fun. Snow is not common in Augusta, but ice storms are. Ice storms can threaten our area’s homes and businesses as well as cause structural damages. Although we cannot prevent extreme weather conditions such as this, we can try to prepare for the inevitable.

Icy roads can be threatening to vehicle safety while on the roads caused by black ice and down trees. Emergency vehicles may also have a hard time reaching your home or business given road conditions. Because of this, it is important to be even more mindful of the safety we have within our homes. For example, taking caution when lighting and monitoring our seasonal candles is even more important.

Annually, SERVPRO crews undergo extensive training in preparation for peak storm season. Training helps in safety of our crews and to assure that you are receiving the fastest response times possible for your emergency. Last storm season, while on the way to a loss site our crews found themselves trapped on roadways, along other First Responders. Our crews parked their vehicles and began to unload equipment to hand-carry tools to the job site to assure that our customers were being helped quickly.

What threats does an ice storm pose to a home?

  • Freezing pipes under the home can eventually cause a crack to be a source of major damages for your crawlspace. Tip: Add extra insulation to attics and crawlspaces to help raise temperatures in these spaces, extra insulation can have a 5-10 degree difference to the space.
  • Falling tree limbs can cause roof damages that need to be temporarily tarped and fixed before it causes more extensive damage to the roof and attic space. A leaky roof, even a small leak, can cause extensive water damages over time if gone untreated. Tip: Trim tree limbs back from the home before the winter storms.
  • Gutter systems for the home may be overloaded with debris from winds and fallen leaves and branches. Tip: It is important to clear these as overloaded gutters can clog and shorten the lifespan of your gutters.

SERVPRO Difference

Our teams are knowledgeable, professional, and approachable. More than this, our crews are experts in the field of restoration. We aim to not only retore your home, but to prevent future damages through educating out clients on the dangers of specific losses. Need help from your water or Fire Damages? Call our office for help at 706-868-5441.

Help Is on The Way With SERVPRO

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A ceiling fell threw to the downstairs after a water damage occurred from a toilet supply line leak A toilet leak caused the ceiling to fall through to the floor below. Our goal always to arrive quickly to help begin the restorative process!

Taking Your Life Back After a Major Water Damage

As a homeowner, when your home experiences a water damage from a storm, flood, or plumbing problem, you not only want your home fixed but you want your life back.

In a situation such as this, timing means everything. A faster response time to your water damage issue could help prevent extensive damages. SERVPRO places high importance on fast response times and assuring your property receives the highest level of care and restoration.

Any Size Disaster

At SERVPRO of Columbia County, our crews are equipped with the knowledge and equipment necessary for restoring your home to preloss condition. Pre-loss condition meaning your home will become unrecognizable to having experienced a water damage through the restorative processes set forth by our team.

Working quickly is one of our goals. Not only do our highly regimented processes assure that your home is restored professionally, but we also work quickly. Restoring quickly means your life can regain a sense of normalcy. We understand that experiencing a water damage can be a traumatic event and we never want to extend the aggravation by working for an extended period.

Drying Processes

After the bulk of the water has been removed using extraction equipment, our specialists use industry-leading drying equipment to remove the water you can’t see. This will target water within materials to bring these materials back to their normal moisture level. This equipment is normally placed during the first visit to your property. The type and amount of equipment is based on your unique situation and industry standards. To assure that your home is drying correctly, our crews will monitor the process and check drying performance and make any necessary changes. This step is critical to dry your property most effectively.

Need Our Help? Call our team today for advice after a loss, or to dispatch a crew for immediate help at 706-868-5441

Don’t Let Storms Take a Stronghold of Your Home

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White tile foyer with sediment and dirt from flooding storms Flooding caused this home to have a build up of sediment pour in.

Holding What’s Important to you Close – SERVPRO Helps Families

Storms like tornadoes with high-speed winds, wind driven rains, and flood events have cause over $10 billion each year in property damages. At SERVPRO of Columbia County, our teams are expertly trained in storm response and restoration. Storm restoration can pose a vastly different from approach from a typical water loss or flood event. Responding to a storm damage crisis entails needing to use usually limited resources like a power from generators to restore property in a chaotic environment.

SERVPRO crews are capable and highly trained to be confident in the face of major storm damage control and repair, water and storm mitigation needs. Multiple times through the year, our SERVPRO of Columbia County crews respond to storm damage help. Recently, our crews responding to flood events in Tennessee where countless families, homes, and businesses were directly impacted from flood damages. After water levels decreased, teams were ready to begin mitigating homes and businesses to help restore and repair.

How to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Home

Here are a few tips gathered from SERVPRO professionals, our local Columbia County Emergency Management Agency, and insurance recommendations for protection your property:

  • Clean gutters from debris – This helps to extend the life of your gutters and prevent damage to your roof’s fascia.
  • Inspect your roof to check for potential problem areas that could turn into a larger issue during storms.
  • Removed diseased trees, limbs, and other outdoor threats that could affect the safety of your home, you and other property.
  • Know who to call after a storm for help, SERVPRO and your local insurance agent.

Want to Learn More About SERVPRO of Columbia County storm damage repair capability?

Call our office team for answering questions and scheduling at 706-868-5441, and visit  our Storm Damage Restoration page.

COVID-19 Got Your Commercial Business Worried About Black Friday? Call SERVPRO®

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

Artist rendering of COVID-19 Virus CSC window cling decals show your customers that your business has selected a higher standard of clean.

How Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned Will Benefit You

The last 2 years has been strenuous for business owners all over the world. Constant fear of contracting the Coronavirus has halted festivals, gatherings, and even the modernized shopping experience. SERVPRO® of Columbia County supports local business owners and wanted to provide a way to keep businesses open and safe. That’s why we launched the CSC Program, a safe and easily manageable program that allows us to help our friends in the community do what they do best- and even better- safely. 

 The CSC Program is centered around our 3 C’s- Consult, Clean and Certify. We’ll start by scheduling a meeting with the business owner(s) and recommend ways they can improve already existing cleaning processes. Starting from that grounding we’ll offer additional SERVPRO® services that will minimize the potential threat of COVID-19 to your business and customers. We’ll also discuss how often we should perform these services should occur based on high foot traffic and lack of health screening opportunities. 

SERVPRO® Standard/Enhanced Service

SERVPRO® standard services center on disinfecting “hot touch points”, or places that are frequently touched or messed with (I.e. doorknobs, light switches, clothing racks, dressing rooms, card readers). SERVPRO® enhanced services build upon the standard but add a few extra precautionary steps such as cleaning and disinfecting less regularly touched surfaces (I.e. desks, counters, employee equipment). A printable summary of our services are available for your staff, teammates and even customers. And as an added benefit, SERVPRO® offers dated window clings and table tents from the last service date to ensure that your customers know that your building is safe and COVID free! 

With all the craziness that occurs during Black Friday every year- take COVID craziness off the table! Call SERVPRO® Professionals at 706-750-0200 today to set a consultation about our Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned Program. 

Tub Overflow Causing Water Damage is Common - SERVPRO Can Help

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Stressed lady holding hands on her face with eyes closed, wearing sweater with Christmas tree in the background Holidays Can Cause Stress - Choose SERVPRO to help rid stresses and make it "Like it never even happened."®

Holiday Prepping Can Be Distracting

Preparing for the Holidays, scheduling when to pick up the in-laws from the airport, prepping Thanksgiving dinner, helping children with their pre-Holiday school projects, all can be a major distraction. Distractions are a major cause for when a call to SERVPRO is not far away. Whether is a kitchen fire from unattended food on the stove top, or from a tub overflow from staying too long on the phone with family and forgetting the tub was running – or mischievous children turning on the faucet and letting water overflow; SERVPRO can help pick up the pieces.

Other than simple mistakes like not minding the running tub water, instances such as clogged drains, misdirected shower water, or cracked or deteriorated overflower gaskets can contribute to the tub overflow water damages.

What To Do Until Help Arrives

After calling for a SERVPRO team to be dispatched to help extract standing water – 706-868-5441 – know that help is immediately on the way. While crews race over, there are a couple measures you can take to assure that your home and belongs have its best chance of being restore quickly. Such as, mopping excess water until help arrives, picking up sentimental items off the floor and placing in a dry area that will likely not be affected by the standing water, and if your water source is coming from a pipe, turning off the water immediately can help prevent further damage.

Next Steps . . .

Another smart decision towards to the restoration of your home, is to notify your insurance company. Your insurance company likely will need to be involved in the water restoration process and unless your loss is classified as self-pay, you will need to include your insurance agent as they will play a major role in the claims process.

Need SERVPRO Help? Call our office for dispatching or a crew or scheduling at 706-848-5441

Government Buildings and Water Loss is a SERVPRO Specialty

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SERVPRO employee removing flooring after a water loss SERVPRO can help in all disasters, including water damages to buildings such as this. Call 706-868-5441 to make it "Like it never even happened."

When government buildings need to be restored after large loss water loss disasters, our crews are more than capable and confident to be able to restore structures to preloss condition.

SERVPRO teams are accustomed to handling large scale disasters with ease and respond to these situations daily. The key to controlling water damages and other like situations is through being able to select the right resources to lower recovery cost.

Another factor in successfully mitigating a water loss disaster at government and other commercial buildings is through minimizing downtime and business interruption to the public and employees. Our SERVPRO system services include, but not limited to fire, water and mold remediation, storm response, pack-outs and pack-ins, document drying, and contents claim inventorying. Additionally, cleaning services we offer are duct cleaning, biohazard remediation, carpet cleaning, and cleaning of all interior structure and fixtures and deodorization – and more!

Benefits from SERVPRO of Columbia County Crews Working for You

A common situation SERVPRO professionals respond to is managing mold in commercial buildings. Commercial buildings, its structure and internal facilities are used every day – and all day. Thus, leading to more probability of a toilet overflow, mold from unresolved or unknown issues such as an unmanaged water leak. Managing mold is a task that only professionals should handle. Mold is found in every environment, and mold spores reproduce rapidly when moisture is present. Mold can cause health effects. Although not every cough or sneeze means mold - However, if this is an issue amongst the entire team, testing for mold and having a SERVPRO professional give advice is a smart decision.

Call the Cleanup team that’s faster to any size disaster at 706-868-5441, SERVPRO of Columbia County.