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Experiencing Groundwater Damage, SERVPRO® of Columbia County is Here to Help

1/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment placed in basement after flooding caused water damage This SERVPRO® equipment placement helps to dry out a finished basement after high waters from a flood seeped through an outside doorway.

Flood Damage Help for our Evans Area

If you have recently experienced flooding in your Evans area, you may have also experienced groundwater damage. Groundwater damage is Category 3 level water damage. In IICRC standards, water damages are categorized by level of severity and level of contamination. Category 3 water damages are most associated with sewage backups and floodwaters. These 2 types of water damages are very unsanitary due to the particulates that they tend to carry. Sewage backups contain sewage which can carry disease and other unsafe particulates. Floodwaters contain mud and waste which then create disease-producing organisms. 

Cleanup & The SERVPRO® Process

SERVPRO® of Columbia County is experienced in Cleanup of Evans flood damage disasters and will approach the situation responsibly and efficiently, always taking precautionary measures to keep you and your family safe. First, the SERVPRO® of Columbia County teams of crew chiefs and technicians will establish drying goals and communicate “Next Steps.” Many factors help to determine drying goals and discussing which drying method is most efficient for your flood water loss is important. SERVPRO® professionals also will help to maintain the correct dry times and humidity levels. All these factors, if retained in the correct levels, will help to accomplish the expected drying time-frame goals.

Need Help Evans Flood Damage?

Water damage from flooding can easily take a stronghold of your home or business. Help take it back by calling SERVPRO® of Columbia County. We are local and can quickly respond to your call if you have recently experienced flooding in Evans at 706-868-5441.

Kickstart Your Augusta Business in 2021

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

a desk with a notebook on it that is talking about 2021 goals SERVPRO is looking forward to hearing the seminar by Women in Business!

Augusta Women in Business Conference Teaches and Inspires

Women in Business put together a seminar to help women entrepreneurs kick-start 2021 for a prosperous year. This one-hour virtual workshop will cover several aspects of what makes a business and gives brand success. This seminar is led by Dani Almarode, who will cover goal setting and keep them attainable and motivating. While Aimee Rose, the Chief Communications Officer for Augusta Health, will go over creative ways to establish and leverage your personal and professional brand for the most mileage. This seminar aims to elevate and empower women in the business sector and create a supportive network. Female majority-owned business owners from all experience levels, from the brand new startup to a seasoned entrepreneur, are welcome to attend.  Contact Kim Wilbur at  (540) 324-1133 with any questions. 

  • Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021
  • Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST
  • Price: $10 
  • The link is given after purchase

SERVPRO of Columbia County at (706) 868-5441 handles fire damage restoration in local Augusta properties, including smoke damage and other secondary issues. The techs work until the damage is, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Is The Top Choices Among Water Restoration Companies in Augusta

1/10/2021 (Permalink)

overflowing sink with orange counter Water damage can happen when you least expect. Contact our certified team if your home is facing such an emergency.

Augusta Residents Rely On SERVPRO As Their Go-To Water Restoration Companies

Augusta is a jewel in the South’s crown. It has beautiful weather, nearly year-round, natural, scenic beauty, and a city that offers many conveniences and exciting venues to explore. When looking at the town’s size in the present, it is hard to imagine most of the population centered around a river.

The city of Augusta got established along the Savannah River, and in the 1980s, the revitalization of the riverfront began. Like-minded individuals formed an organization called Augusta Tomorrow, which laid out plans for developing the riverfront area to attract tourism and boost local businesses’ economy in the downtown area. Further funding for the project came from Citicorp USA.

The group designed a plan for the Riverwalk that would involve levees to limit the flooding in the area after heavy rains and create a wider path for the Savannah River, redirecting it. The initial breach required permits to get issued through an act designated by Congress in 1985 to allow for the needed cuts. Special consideration got applied to the trees growing along the river, and they got left as is while the workers planted additional trees to line the walks along the banks of the river.

Flooding in Augusta had been a fact of life for residents since the establishment of the city. The original levees were built in the early 1900s to halt the flooding problem, particularly downtown. In 1929, heavy rains caused the levee to fail, and the area severely flooded. As a result, the state congress passed the 1936 Flood Control Act that funded a more powerful, higher, better levee system built by the Corps of Engineers. Downtown got more protection from flooding in the 1950s when workers constructed the Clark Hill Dam to help control the rivers and provide a power source for the area. In the present, the Riverwalk is:

  • A source of income for local businesses
  • A draw for tourism
  • Protection for the city from flooding 

Great Places to Visit in Augusta

While the Riverwalk is a significant draw for the area, there are many great venues that locals and tourists enjoy. These venues are both a tourist draw and boost the local economy: 

  • Augusta Canal Discovery Center is an interactive museum built in an old cotton mill that tells the interesting story of the canal built in 1845 and how it was a crucial part of both the city and the industrial revolution in the South. 
  • The Imperial Theater has a listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Nearly 100 years old, this theater still hosts plays, concerts, and other productions. 
  • The Lucy Craft Laney Museum highlights the life of Lucy Laney. She was an educator who founded the first school for black children in Augusta. She went on to be a principal for 50 years at the Haines Institute. Then-Governor Jimmy Carter posthumously chose her to have her portrait installed in the State Capitol of Georgia for her contributions to the community.

Augusta Hero: The Amazing Life of Lucy Craft Laney
Lucy Craft Laney was born eleven years before the end of slavery in 1854 as the seventh of ten children. Both of her parents were former slaves who purchased their freedom and were big proponents of education for all; this attitude strongly influenced Lucy from a young age.

Education of black people in Georgia had to get conducted in secret as it was a punishable offense for blacks to know how to read. Many people in the state thought this was wrong, including the sister of the former enslaver of Lucy’s parents, Ms. Campbell. The sister worked with Lucy from a young age, and by the time she was four, Lucy could read. Later, as those restrictions on education were lifted publicly, Lucy went on to school and then Atlanta University to pursue a degree in education to be a teacher. She got her teaching certificate in 1873. 

After teaching for a few years, her health took a downward turn, and she moved to Augusta and founded the city’s first school for black children. Her first class was just six students during the first year in 1883 and grew to over 200 students the second year as word of her teaching spread throughout the community. A gift from local benefactor Francine E. H Haines of $10,000 gave Lucy the seed money she needed to grow her school and reach a greater portion of the city. Although schools and public establishments were still segregated in the South, Laney made it her mission to unite people and was very active in the Interracial Commission, which worked to integrate the YMCA and YWCA. Hence, they no longer had separate organizations for white and black residents. When Lucy died in October 1933, the internment occurred at the corner of Laney Walker Boulevard and Phillips Street, where the first of her schools, the Haines Normal and Industrial Institute, once stood. 

What Can Water Restoration Companies Do For Local Augusta Homes?

Many home disasters call for the services of water restoration companies in Augusta properties. The most common are pipe breaks, hot water tank failures, sewage backups, and flood damage from storms. One of the first actions that SERVPRO technicians perform is testing the water if it has been on-site longer than 24-hours or came from groundwater. This action tells the techs if there are potential hazards such as:

  • Microbes and pathogenic elements
  • Sewage
  • Chemicals or toxins

If anything harmful gets identified during the water testing, the techs treat it with their professional biocide formulas to make it safer to handle during the extraction. The potential for water hazards is one of the biggest reasons to outsource the cleanup task to a professional company. Sewage can wind up in a home if a pipe is clogged, stormwater backed up, or toilet malfunctions. All of these scenarios leave water that is unsafe for homeowners to come into contact within the home.

The use of professional extraction equipment helps deliver the best outcome to a property after a water damage incident. The drying equipment that the techs use is so powerful that it forces embedded moisture to rise that conventional household fans cannot match.

SERVPRO of Columbia County at (706) 868-5441 remains the top choice among water restoration companies in the Augusta area. The techs have comprehensive training to deal with any size or type of water damage in local properties.

Augusta Residents Can Learn to Invest

1/10/2021 (Permalink)

people interacting with pie charts and other things relating to investing It will be exciting to hear all the tips at the conference to help with investing!

Get Tips For Smart Investing From Augusta-Based Master Mentors

Augusta residents can enjoy learning how to invest smarter at this one-day conference that brings together several power players in the financial sector. One hard lesson that came out of 2020 is that you need to know how to make your money work even harder for you in unusual situations such as shutdowns. The "Master the Trade" conference put together six distinct classes in this one-day virtual seminar that teaches participants how to develop the mind and skill set for successful investing. The workshop takes attendees through pointers for self-discipline, setting reachable goals, building a financial legacy, and comprehensive training to understand stocks, options, and futures. Contact Teri Ijeoma at with any questions.

  • Date: Saturday, January 23, 2021
  • Time: 11:00 AM—7:00 PM EST
  • Ticket Price: $97 - $299
  • Link to virtual event provided after purchase

When local Augusta properties have flood damage, property owners call on SERVPRO of Columbia County at (706) 868-5441. The trained technicians have access to professional equipment to handle any amount of water within a property and make the damage, "Like it never even happened."

Fire and Soot Damage Cleaning and Restoration in Evans

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

Soot invades the living space of this home; ceiling is dark because of soot coverage. Soot can quickly threaten to ruin your home and belongings. Need Soot Cleanup & Restoration Help? Call the experts at 706-868-5441.

Cleaning Fire and Soot Damage

If you have ever experienced a fire at your Evans home or business, after the smoke had cleared you would have noticed numerous flaws of your belongings. Depending on the level of fire severity your home or business endured, furniture, upholstery, and every surface area may have been visibly covered in damaging soot. When attempting to clean, soot can ruin your furniture’s upholstery and cling to furniture if not removed properly. SERVPRO® of Columbia County has the expertise and knowledge to put an end to damaged linens and unsalvageable furniture through our expert processes.

CSRA Trusted Leader in Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO® of Columbia County is your areas trusted leader in fire and soot Cleanup & Restoration. Our certified crews and technicians are available 24/7 to quickly serve you. Our 1-4-8 Service Response System assures that your call for help will be answered in record time.

What is the 1-4-8 System?

SERVPRO® of Columbia County upholds to a service response system that guarantees that every customer’s call will be  promptly responded to when in need. The SERVPRO® of Columbia County 1-4-8 Service Response System is as follows:

  • 1 – 1 Hour to Receive Your Call and Connect You with a Crew to Dispatch
  • 4 – 4 Hours to Arrive On-Site After the Dispatched Loss
  • 8 – 8 Hours to Provide a Verbal Briefing with Information Including: Documentation and Communication with Your Insurance Agent and Adjuster.

We specialize in all restoration needs and are equipped with the latest technology to help restore your home or businesses structure, contents, linens, and furniture promptly.

Esporta Wash System

SERVPRO® of Columbia County is an exclusive operator of the Esporta Wash System. The Esporta is located at SERVPRO® of Columbia County operations center in Evans, Georgia and unlike a regular commercial washer the Esporta machine is unique. The Esporta capabilities remove soot, debris, neutralize odors, clean, and sanitize all textiles. It has several chambers for washing textiles and cleans through using a series of detergents that lift soot and odors, rather than through agitation which can mistakenly break down delicate fibers.

Linens Covered in Soot? You Need The Esporta!

Have you recently experienced an Evans fire house fire help that left soot and debris causing harm to your clothing/textiles? Have you experienced soot damaging your furniture and clothing? We will work with you and your insurance to revive your once favorite sweater, or your child’s favorite stuffed animal while simultaneously restoring your home. Call us at 706-868-5441 to receive a quote and expert advice.

What to Do Before We Arrive for Water Removal in Evans

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

Our crews routinely check moisture levels during a water loss to better communicate the drying process. Our crews routinely check moisture levels during a water loss to better communicate the drying process.

Got Water? What First!

Having the surprise of water damage in an Evans home or business can be unsettling. We are here to help guide you through what can often be an intimidating process. First, find the source of the excess water. You can start by calling your local SERVPRO® or local plumber to find the source. Next, experts can assist with stopping the leak in a timely manner to help prevent extensive damage. Additionally, SERVPRO® of Columbia County can begin the drying process.

Inspections and Estimates

Assuming that the source of a water leak from your home or business has been identified, an inspection can be conducted. After the cause of the water damage has been found and stopped, you then would need to call your local SERVPRO® of Columbia County to come inspect and see what the best route for removal and extraction of the property would be. An estimate will better equip you for understanding the extent of any water damage to your Evans home. After deciding what would be the best way to remove the water, SERVPRO® of Columbia County crew chiefs and technicians would then come and start the mitigation process.

Why Mitigation?

Effective removal of water is especially important to prevent any further damage to your property. In addition, mitigation of the water is also important to control moisture levels and contamination of the property and its contents. If damage is not contained, they then have the potential to affect other areas of the property and cause more damage.

Seeking Need Expert Help?

If you have experienced water damage to your Evans home the best thing to do is to call your local SERVPRO® of Columbia County at 706-868-5441 – We can assure that your house is restored and back to normal as quickly as possible.

Flooded Garages In Your Evans Home

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

Evans garage with water damage after extraction, equipment is being placed within the home. Evans garage with water damage after extraction, equipment is being placed within the home.

Water Damage in Your Evans Garage?

If you have recently experienced water damage to your Evans garage, one of the first steps would be to call your local SERVPRO® of Columbia County to help with clean up and restoring of your property. The quicker you can start the drying process with our equipment, the quicker your home and your contents can be restored.

After calling your local SERVPRO® of Columbia County, we begin by arriving on site to remove excess water. This is the most important step in our process as it can save your home from extensive damage. SERVPRO® of Columbia County uses 2 types of processes for drying:

  1. Extracting: or in other words, removing the water which would then use a truck mount extractor to pull the water from the affected area.
  2. Evaporation: this process requires the use of a dehumidifier to remove the water that has infiltrated the air that will then be disposed of through a drain in either a bathtub or sink.

After the Area Has Been Dried

After the extracting and dehumidifying process has been completed and the area will return to a normal moisture range. The next step would be to clean and make any repairs necessary to your Evans water damaged garage. This would include cleaning of any contents or textiles that may have been affected. We often clean floors and walls as well to assure that odors will not be present once we leave.

Need Help?

Call today if you have experienced water damage to your Evans garage at 706-868-5441. SERVPRO® of Columbia County is always here to help!

Bring Your Kids Out to the Swamps in Augusta

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

Phinzy Swamp Nature Park Take time away from the stress from a fire incident, SERVPRO will bring your property back from fire damage, leaving it "Like it never even happened."

This Event Allows Your Family to Experience the Wetlands of Augusta Up Close and Personal

The Phinzy Swamp Nature Park is one of Augusta's most popular attractions. On the third Saturday of every month, the park opens its doors for a special tour for the children. The special "Swamp Treks" focus on educating and letting kids from 3rd grade through 8th grade enjoy everything the vast wetlands and outdoors have to offer.

The next swamp trek takes place on December 19 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and it only costs $10. Each event starts with a morning hike out into the adventurous wetlands, and then it turns into a unique, hands-on nature experience. This month the trek will be focused on nature prints, but attendees to the swamp trek can learn about various topics throughout the year, including:


Survival skills

Wild animals


Various birds

SERVPRO of Columbia County is one company that you can rely on 24/7 for your fire and smoke odor repair needs. If you ever happened to suffer from a structural blaze, call us at (706) 868-5441.

Call Us After A Fire in Your Evans Home

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Before and After of a Plush Baby Doll washed in the Esporta Wash System Our in-house Esporta Wash System was able to breathe new life into this cherished plush baby doll for a family this Christmas Season.

Recently Experienced a House Fire in Evans? We Can Help!

Calling your local Clean Up & Restoration Company, SERVPRO® of Columbia County should be one of your first steps to recovering from a house fire. Timeliness in reacting to fire damage is vital. The faster we can respond to your call, the sooner you can acclimate to your home once cleaned. We place fast response times as a priority, and make ourselves available to you, our customer.

We Are Ready to Serve You

SERVPRO® of Columbia County has the expert processes in place for after-fire event clean up. The products we use to clean your Evans house fire or Evans business fire are made at Headquarters in Gallatin, Tennessee. The products used are some of the few that meet the elevated SERVPRO® cleanliness specifications. To better understand the industry standard process, here is a list of expectations:

  1. Call SERVPRO® of Columbia County, 706-868-5441. You will be met by a Production Manager that will discuss the damage and help plan next steps for our crews.
  2. Next, crews will be arranged to begin work at your convenience and the fire clean up help process will start.
  3. Your Evans property will be cleaned using SERVPRO® registered products, often helping to prepare the property for painting.
  4. Additionally, while your property is being restored to preloss condition, we have full capability for additional services such as: Upholstery Cleaning, Textile Restoration, Contents Cleaning On-Site, Contents Cleaning Off-Site through the process of a Pack-Out/Pack-In.

Pro-tip: SERVPRO® of Columbia County has full capability to care for, monitor, and clean your items in storage at our facility and warehouse while your home is being restored.

Call today if you have experienced a fire in your Evans home at 706-868-5441. SERVPRO® of Columbia County is here to help and leave you "Like it never even happened."®

Come Enjoy The Lights of the South Near Evans

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

Christmas lights Enjoy the Lights of the South with the family this holiday season as SERVPRO technicians take care of your home's mold problem.

It's Just a Short Drive From Evans to Experience the Beautiful Displays of the Lights of the South

The Lights of the South is a Georgia tradition that takes place every year. Every year starting at the end of November, people can come and experience the event every day from 6 to 10 p.m., and it ends on December 30th, and it is closed on Christmas Day.

Once through the gates, visitors can get in the Christmas spirit by seeing over five million lights, including the world's largest vertical American Flag. Other perks of taking the trip include:

Hayrides through the light displays.

Visit Santa Claus to give your kids a chance to tell him what they want for Christmas

Take a train ride through candy land and experience the candy cane light displays.

Roast marshmallows around a fire pit.

Our technicians at SERVPRO of Columbia County are proud to serve Evans and surrounding areas for all of your mold remediation needs. If you ever notice mold inside your house, call  (706) 868-5441 24 hours a day.