What our Customers say...


I am always nervous about trusting anyone with my belongings and property, but I knew right away that your team knew what they were doing. The house looks great. 

With the size of the emergency, our warehouse should have been shutdown for months. Your large loss team had us up and running a week after the storm. Thank you SERVPRO.

I feel like I saved time and money choosing the SERVPRO team that can clean up the house and reconstruct the damage. 

You have such advanced equipment for fire damage that my house was looking and smelling great just days after you first arrived. 

I tried to dry up my house on my own, but it was out of my skill set. Thankfully, your team arrived quickly to do easily what I could not. 

We didn’t wait long to see your green vehicles outside our house. We are never going to choose anyone else to help in a disaster. 

You have incredible cleaning technicians that helped the look and function of my building. My customers are so impressed with how much better everything looks. 

So many of our apartments got flooded at the same time, but your team worked around the clock to help all of us – you are seriously the best! 

I didn’t know how challenging soot would be to manage, but I didn’t fight it long. Thank you SERVPRO for showing up fast and getting my house back to normal. 

My old plumbing was due for disaster, and when that finally happened, your SERVPRO professionals were there quickly to help clean up the mess and install new pipes. Amazing business model. 

I never felt out of the loop when you were restoring my water damaged house, and that helped me to feel involved in the whole process and decisions that were getting made. 

You took the time to make sure all of my belongings, even insignificant things, were free from the danger. That’s top quality restoration. 

My Augusta house was severely damaged by a fierce storm, but your team came out while it was still raining and awful to start work on restoring my property. More companies need to be like you. 

Cannot wait to share our incredible experience with your company with our other management groups. More people should use your team. 

We chose SERVPRO the second time storms damaged our house, and because of your fast response and amazing quality, we will never choose anyone else again.

As a real estate agent I knew that the right call for help after the fire torched half my house was to you. Your company is high on our referral list, so it made sense. Your crew and manager worked many long hours to make my house ready to be rebuilt. Awesome job.

Donuts and chocolates don’t fare well after a water leak in the restroom floods the entire floor of your little shop. Luckily, a technician from your company bought donuts from me every morning to take to the office. So I knew who could help. Thank you so very much.

My grandson told me to call you to take the water away from my back porch. He said you always did good work, fast and honest so I listen to him. I am very glad I did. I felt like it was a bad dream, there was no flooding.

The dogs never stop muddying up our carpets. But we know that SERVPRO comes out every few months and does some magic. My husband tried, but he can’t do it like they can. Thanks to your team, I still don’t have to buy new carpets.

A small accounting office like mine cannot stay closed for long without hurting my clients. The fire was put out and you came and got rid of the water, purified the air, I have no idea how you did it, but you did, and I was back in business the next day. 

I lost my carpets from the flood, but not much else. I understand how your fast service managed to save so many of my prized possessions. Water streaming into your house can be very frightening.

Now I know why SERVPROhas such a good reputation for putting people’s lives and houses back together. The flood, the mud, the ruined furniture all was too much to take. You worked directly with my insurance adjuster, made the whole thing go smooth, I couldn’t have asked for better service.

The office was covered in water on Monday morning what a shock. We could work until all the water was taken out and the place dried, including the desks and chairs. It only took a few days because your crew worked late into the night. We are grateful for your help.

I am glad I have a crawlspace under my house. The flooding was not too bad there but you came and got rid of the water and then even placed some plastic down on the earth afterwards. The work was fast and yes I will get a sump pump.

Fire in your house is very frightening. I did not know where to turn to for help. My insurance agent suggested I call SERVPRO since they do a lot of work for them. I must say you handled yourselves so professionally and with kindness to a frightened person. Thank you, I am eternally grateful.

If you need water removed from your house for any reason, just call SERVPRO. They do great work, fast and fairly priced. And they work with your insurance company to make it even easier.

Happy with the entire crew. Impressed with the thoroughness of the cleaning crew.

Horatio was great!!!! Crew displayed great teamwork!!!

Crew was very professional. All my questions were answered. Everyone involved seemed to care about what they were doing in caring for my home.

Never realized how much was really wet in my house, technicians showed me that what I thought was not affected was actually wet. They kept me informed of the all the progress made throughout the drying process. Thank you to Daniel and Jonathon on all their hard work to help us protect our home.