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What Does It Take to Reopen My Evans Business After a Major Water Spill?

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

interior water damage To learn more about what SERVPRO of Columbia County can do for your business here or in Augusta, call our office at (706) 868-5441 today.

Call SERVPRO for A Full-Service Response to Your Flooded Evans Business

What Kind of Damage Can I Expect from A Water Spill?

Most commercial water damage repair to Evans businesses (a real estate office, for example) SERVPRO technicians deal with involve drying the structure to avoid replacing items like drywall and carpets. Primarily these result from split inlet pipes or a failed appliance like a water heater and do not usually include contaminants that pollute floors and walls.

What Are the First Steps Response Teams Take?

Our initial actions mitigate the situation. That means we stabilize the environment to minimize potential damage and prevent further damage to the business. These actions include:

    •    Extract excess water with pumps to reduce the amount of water absorbed by drywall, floor trim, and other structural property. It reduces the amount of crumbling, cracking, and splitting, which reduces the amount of property that needs replacing.
    •    Extract water from carpets and pads with extraction wands prevents carpet rot and stops the layers of carpet from separating. Since pads quickly deteriorate, technicians dispose of them immediately after extracting water and lifting the carpet out of the way.
    •    Extract water off linoleum in breakrooms using a squeegee wand to reduce the chance of water getting under the surface and softening the glue holding it in place.
    •    Provide humidity control by placing fans throughout the facility to increase air circulation and dehumidifiers to draw water from the air, which lowers humidity to a comfortable level.

How Long Before I Can Reopen My Business?

That depends on the size of your facility and how many days each action takes to complete. In some buildings, there may be odors from soaked paper and other ruined materials that SERVPRO technicians have to remove from the building.

To learn more about what SERVPRO of Columbia County can do for your business here or in Augusta, call our office at (706) 868-5441 today. We are here for you.

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How Do I Resolve Mold Colonization in My Evans Bakery?

7/8/2020 (Permalink)

A man and a woman looking at backed goods in a bakery. Mold in your Evans Bakery is nothing to play with, call SERVPRO. We can get you back in business in no time.

You might not realize the steam and moisture generated through hours of baking and cooking in the kitchen of your bakery, but if these conditions are not alleviated, it could result in mold.

Due to the hustle and bustle of yourEvansbakery, it can be easier than you might think to overlook situations that could lead to more significant structural concerns. Moisture and dampness created from steam and baking in the small kitchen in the back of your building can lead to lingering dampness that facilitates colonization of mold spores present in the environment. This colonization can happen with little warning, but its spread and severity can overtake the entire bakery if you do not address it as soon as it gets discovered.

There are many mold removal companies forEvanscommercial properties struggling with microbial growth, but there are few with the experience and ongoing training that our SERVPRO professionals provide. Because the presence of mold can be devastating to your reputation, and likely force your doors to close until the situation gets resolved and cleared through the local health bureau, remediation should happen as quickly as possible. Our presence and action shortly after mold gets discovered can limit how the organism spreads and make the entire situation more manageable.

Where Is Mold Damage the Worst in My Building? 

You might not be able to tell just how severe the situation has become when you first notice mold growth in your bakery. While there are signs that might indicate the organism within specific organic materials throughout the kitchen area, much of the damaged area may be out of sight. Without sophisticated tools and experience in mold inspection, property owners do not get the full story that their building tells about the severity of microbial threats. Some of the indicators that our professionals and even property owners can utilize to determine how severe mold growth has become include:

  • Moisture Detectors – Advanced detection tools can indicate surface water threats and moisture/dampness pockets existing beyond this top material. The presence of moisture pockets often indicates a place suitable for microbial growth.
  • Harsh Odors – Mold growth often gets discovered because of a distinct odor emitted from active colonization. Musty scents stand out above even the aromatic baked goods in your shop, which could indicate where mold growth is at its worst.
  • Visible Growth – Spotting and full mold growth can be a clear indicator of where active colonization is occurring, and combined with these other signs, can help track the organism's migration. 

Why Should Remediators Solve the Issue? 

Remediation is different from mold removal in that it seeks only to remove active colonization and the effects of this threat. Removing mold is a misleading statement that many organizations cannot validate because mold spores exist naturally in almost every environment. It is only when damp conditions exist that these otherwise harmless mold spores seat into organic materials and begin to form colonies that can threaten those exposed. Professional remediators like our SERVPRO team should handle this emergency for several reasons:

  • Health Hazardous – The development of colonies in your bakery can threaten your customers and staff. Volatile organic compounds are emitted from active colonization, which is why your business must temporarily stop to address these concerns.
  • Continually Spreading – Without addressing mold growth quickly, the situation can get much worse. Active colonization spreads quickly throughout organic materials and contents in the bakery.
  • Damaging to Your Reputation – The discovery of mold halts your ability to serve food to your customers temporarily while remediation completes. The longer that this problem persists, the more people know about why your doors are not open. 

How Does Remediation Work? 

Remediation hinges on removing active colonization through direct action. Surfaces and contents throughout the property, such as cabinets and drywall, can host mold colonies. To protect these items and construction materials, several strategies exist. There are varying approaches based on the material affected, location of mold colonies, and the severity of the damage. Some of the typical methods for removing active organisms include:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Soda Blasting
  • Controlled Demolition

Understanding mold remediation and recovery efforts can help you appreciate the acquisition of our certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) whenever colonies are discovered. No matter how we can help, it is our business to get you back in business. Give our SERVPRO of Columbia County team a call 24/7 at (706) 868-5441.

My Bakery is Flooded. What Can I Do?

6/15/2020 (Permalink)

Bakery display counter.  Baked goods on view SERVPRO can quickly remediate water damage to your bakery.

Call SERVPRO of Columbia County For Water Removal Services! 

Sudden accidents can leave your Augusta bakery in need of water removal services in mere seconds. For example, envision a scenario where a pipe burst in the ceiling of your store. Water can quickly leak down your walls, pooling on the tile floors and making your store inoperable.  

Suddenly finding your Augusta bakery in need of water removal services can be overwhelming. You may worry about the expensive kitchen equipment and the rust that could form due to the exposure to water. You may worry about the structural integrity of the building materials in your shop, such as the framing and drywall. No matter the concern, trust SERVPRO to help you. We're water damage experts.  

The Pipe Burst During Closing at Eight PM, Can You Work Through the Night?  

Here at SERVPRO, we're available when you need us. For this reason, we are:  

  • Open twenty-four hours a day, so we're available when disaster strikes 
  • We operate every day of the week, including Sundays
  • Our technicians are available to work whenever you need us, day or night, for your convenience  

No matter the time or the day of the week, we're here for you. SERVPRO understand that water damage waits for no one, and your schedule is as busy as ours is. Foot traffic is essential, and it is our goal to restore it as soon as possible.  

What Can You Do to Remove the Water from My Industrial Kitchen?

We understand you would be concerned about the longevity of your industry-grade equipment. For this reason, SERVPRO uses advanced technology to remove water damage from your property. To remove water damage, we can:  

  • Set up portable pumps and extractors
  • Use wet/dry vacuums along with running pumps, to speed up the removal process 
  • Use drying equipment to extract excess moisture from your kitchen swiftly  

It is always our goal to leave you feeling, "Like it never even happened."  

If your store needs water removal services, get them today. Contact SERVPRO of Columbia County by dialing (706) 868-5441. No matter the time of the day, we're open.  

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Why Professional Restoration is Necessary for Water Damaged Dorms in Augusta

3/19/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used on water damaged carpet Do you now how to dry water damaged carpets? SERVPRO does! We are always available to take your call.

Removing Water from Carpets in Your Augusta Dormitory 

With several community colleges and universities here in Augusta, the possibility of water loss incidents and other disasters becomes a nearly constant threat during school semesters. With many of these institutions offering to board for students out of the immediate area, emergencies that involve these dormitories must get addressed right away. Water losses, for example, can migrate quickly from one area throughout the building to affect dozens of residents in the dorm. 

Carpeted floors are one of the ideal flooring options for dorm rooms, but these can pose problems for restoration professionals implementing water removal for Augusta campuses. To avoid prolonged relocation of several students, our SERVPRO professionals must act quickly with removal tools and drying techniques to manage the disaster and prevent any further migration of water loss effects. 

Once students have picked up their belongings from the wet floors and relocated them to a safer area in the building, our professionals can get to work on what needs to happen with removing standing water from the floors. Using wet vacuums and carpet wands, we can remove much of the moisture from short pile carpeting and prepare the flooring for focused drying efforts to come. We can also utilize weighted extractors to push padding and the carpet layer together to squeeze moisture to the surface against the concrete subflooring. 

Floating carpets can be an effective way to preserve the flooring material without requiring removal and replacement. This drying often must be done in several separate stages as individual rooms feature their own cuts of carpeting along with the longer solid strip found in the hallways. By placing a centrifugal air mover between the top layer and the padding, the forced heated air can maximize evaporative drying. 

When water losses occur at your dorm, our SERVPRO of the Columbia County team can help with sound equipment and experienced professionals. We understand how many students can become affected by migrating water, so we can ensure that we respond quickly 24/7 to these emergencies. Contact us anytime that you need us at (706) 868-5441. 

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Cracking the Commercial Flood Damage Remediation Code in Augusta

2/16/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged garage Flooding can quickly affect our area. Contact SERVPRO to prepare and/or remediate after damage.

Temperamental Weather Patterns Require Proactive Flood Damage Help Year-Round for Augusta Businesses

The timing of flooding issues has become impossible to predict for businesses in Augusta. “Once in a century” storms and the presence of flood-prone conditions are far more common than memory serves, occurring with little warning. Savvy business owners plan for the unpredictable in other aspects of day to day operations. We offer a way to anticipate and respond to disasters like overland floods.

Share and Collaborate with a Disaster Recovery Leader

Augusta flood damage can turn your thriving business into an empty shell of a building. Competition in your industry takes advantage of any slowdown or temporary closure you suffer. Reassure your customers, encouraging them to stick with you during a recovery agenda that we help you develop, inspiring the confidence of your loyal base.

Flood Damage Emergency? We Have an App for That

SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) merge as a concise, digital document we build together with you to protect your business. Long before flooding threatens, invite one of our experienced project managers to assess both your physical space and how your business operates. We draw on training obtained from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and decades of experience among our employees to craft a plan that minimizes the effects of flooding. You help personalize your plan by using our mobile app to share your priorities during a disaster and list details on the vendors and contractors who constructed your space and systems. 

Preparation Is Possible

Your business is critical not only to your financial success but also provides salaries and security for your employees. The community relies on your unique products and services. SERVPRO pledges to prepare you, your staff, and your reputation to weather flood damage. After our assessment, we suggest adaptations that protect your equipment, inventory, documents, and other elements vital to your operations from flood waters. Designate trusted employees or other individuals to act on your behalf if you are out of town or otherwise unavailable to ensure zero delays in our response.  

SERVPRO of Columbia County looks forward to collaborating with you on an ERP designed to streamline flood damage disaster recovery. Call us at (706) 868-5441 today to schedule an assessment.

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The Untold Story on Augusta Water Damage Remediation that You Must Read

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

water pipe leak in gypsum ceiling of interior office building Make sure to have any water damage in your office building taken care of right away before secondary damages can occur.

Get Commercial Water Damage Cleanup for Your Augusta Waiting Room

Between 2013 and 2017, 1 in 50 homeowners filed a water damage claim each year. This 2.05% frequency is a more than 50% increase from the 2005-2009 rates, which hovered around 1.44% per year. Despite other types of claims decreasing in frequency, water damage claims have only increased their rates of occurrence. This can mean more costs for businesses affected by water damage without thorough professional mitigation that is focused on preserving structures and assets.

If a waiting room or lobby in your Augusta practice has been affected by commercial water damage, IICRC-certified professionals from SERVPRO are ready to assist you in restoring your business to a preloss condition. Technicians and franchise owners alike receive extensive training in water damage mitigation to ensure that you can go back to business as usual. 

What Not to Do When Commercial Water Damage Strikes Your Business

Avoid removing water with a standard household vacuum cleaner. While these vacuums are useful for cleaning everyday dirt and debris off of carpets, they are not made to handle water and can easily be broken or short-circuited.

Do not use electronics in the affected area. Using electronics near water-damaged walls or floors can cause appliances to short out or otherwise fail. Using appliances in areas where outlets have been affected by water can significantly increase the risk of further disaster.

Do not lift carpet without professional help. Not only is wet carpet extremely heavy, but it is also 50% weaker than when it is dry. Doing this on your own can hurt you during lifting and also put you at risk of sustaining injury from tacks holding carpeting to the floor.

If you see mold, do not touch or disturb it. Not only is mold capable of causing health effects, but it can spread very quickly if you make contact with it or spread spores through the air while attempting to clean on your own.

Avoid entering rooms with standing water until electricity has been turned off. If a bathroom leak or other severe water-related disaster has occurred with the electricity still on, turn it off as soon as possible to minimize risk.

How SERVPRO Can Help

When you call SERVPRO to eliminate water damage from your lobby or waiting room, they can come in with their own equipment so that yours stays intact. Technicians have a wide variety of extraction equipment available, from rovers and large pads made to suck water out of carpeting, to extraction wands for removing water from hard-to-reach areas. 

SERVPRO of Columbia County supports local businesses by ensuring any disaster looks, "Like it never even happened." Call (706) 868-5441 for a commercial mitigation team today. 

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Our Water Damage Experts Can Save Your Augusta Commercial Property

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

Open for business sign We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

We Can Have You Open For Business After A Commercial Water Damage Disaster In Augusta

Whenever there is water damage in a commercial building, it can be catastrophic for the business. Often owners cannot allow employees to enter or have customers in the building. Aside from critical safety issues, their computer systems are not working, and their products may be wet or unavailable due to the water. Every day the business cannot operate, means lost revenue, and perhaps even lost customers with corresponding long term impacts.

SERVPRO responds to commercial water damage events in Augusta and surrounding areas in less than a four-hour time frame. We understand how important it's to remain open for business. Operations and sales may be disrupted while recovery is underway, whatever your business focus is. Many of your products may also be damaged.

Leaky Pipes, Faulty Sprinklers, Accidents
Water damage can be caused by any of these situations, as well as many others. Regardless of the cause, employers must suspend operations, perhaps send employees home and stop customers from entering the building.

SERVPRO crew chiefs arrive on-site and immediately assess the situation. Crews and equipment are dispatched to remove the water and begin drying operations as quickly as possible. Our professionals can work through the night if needed to remove the water and moisture. We mobilize water extractors for all types of situations. We have truck-mounted pumps as well as mobile water extractors that efficiently remove water from carpets, hardwood, and tile.

Air movers push the moist air out of the building and draw in dry air to absorb moisture. It the water damaged area is an enclosed area, we deploy air movers in conjunction with dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity to acceptable levels. All hard surfaces are wiped down and dried. Some items may need special treatment to restore them to their original condition, if possible.

With the business owner's agreement, SERVPRO can establish a staging area for our team's equipment as well as for items removed from the water damaged site. These steps reduce drying time and protect your supplies and products. We aim to help return your business to full operation as quickly as possible.

Call SERVPRO of Columbia County at (706) 868-5441 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Evans, Martinez, Grovetown, and the surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Can Save Your Damaged Documents In Your Augusta Clinic

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Wet business contents Give us a call anytime at (706) 868-5441.

Document Drying in Augusta Clinics after Flooding

Hard copies of patient records and the reams of documentation required to treat patients or to operate your Augusta clinic are all critical to the function of the facility. Even with the jump to the digital age and the efforts to having this same paperwork accessible through the computer network of the administration, the storage of these vital and sensitive documents can leave them even more susceptible to situations like flooding.

Flood damage in Augusta medical facilities can already be a dangerous situation with the personnel and the patients that could become affected. While your building does not typically have patients in the facility more than short bursts for check-ups and testing, it is still important to appreciate the effect that flooding can have on those who have upcoming appointments. Recovering this situation as promptly as possible helps your clinic from losing money and your reputation with the community.

The content management division of our SERVPRO team has the qualifications and experience to protect many of the exposed instruments and devices from exposure to the flooding by relocating these items to a different area of the clinic or our nearby facility for storage. Documents that have already become exposed to even elevated humidity levels can benefit from our freeze-drying process. We have mobile equipment that can help us to recover the paperwork on-site, making sure that sensitive information does not leave the grounds.

Our machine works by keeping these affected documents under vacuum pressure after freezing them. When heat is introduced to melt the ice, it turns to vapor and leaves the document dry and restored. This sublimation is an effective process to keep your paperwork and records safe from deterioration or degradation.

We strive to provide our customers, both residential and commercial, with services that can protect their belongings and vital possessions during a crisis. Freeze-drying documents can help to protect the hard copies of your records from quickly spreading flood effects. You can count on our SERVPRO of Columbia County team to provide this and other approaches to protect what matters to your business. Give us a call anytime at (706) 868-5441.

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We Can Preserve Your Water Damaged Historical Property In Augusta

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Drying out the damaged property requires the fast and confident response of our SERVPRO of Columbia County team.

Preserving Water Damaged Historical Properties In Augusta

Between the aging plantation farm structures and other buildings teeming with historical significance throughout Augusta, many properties require a skilled and steady hand to restore when disasters strike. Some of these structures feature their original plumbing from when the homes were upgraded along with the changing of the times, making many of these service lines copper, brass, lead, and other metallic compositions. Standing water in metal pipes can be a recipe for degradation and leaks.

Water damage to Augusta historic properties can be even more threatening and devastating than the same circumstances with new construction. Many of the older farmstead properties feature original hardwood construction for areas like flooring, staircases, banisters, mantles, and shelving. Loss incidents, even without being enough to collect on the flooring, can raise humidity and moisture levels enough to compromise the composition of the material and ultimately require it to get removed.

While you may not be able to prevent the potential water loss disasters that could take place in one of these tourist attractions, you can choose the best approach to resolving these issues promptly and correctly. Instead of leaving the drying and recovery to your custodial or maintenance team, you can choose SERVPRO. Our professionals have extensive training in both Water Restoration and Applied Structural Drying through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). That education helps our professionals to respond immediately to protect installed materials with penetrative drying approaches like drying mats and the InjectiDry system.

As a location that offers a strict touring schedule for travelers and residents of the area looking to brush up on their 19th-century history, a water loss incident of any kind could compromise the full tour and threaten critical elements that make the structure historically significant. Having a team of professionals that can move quickly to mitigate loss and to make all of these affected areas “Like it never even happened,” we offer property owners the chance to not only protect their structures but to protect the contents of exhibits as well.

Drying out the damaged property requires the fast and confident response of our SERVPRO of Columbia County team. We have a deep inventory of extraction and drying tools, helping us to gently and intricately clean and restore saturated elements in your historic location. Give our professionals a call anytime that you need us at (706) 868-5441.

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We Can Help If Your Evans Sports Bar Is Plagued By Fire Damage

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

We are available 24/7 to serve our local community at (706) 868-5441.

SERVPRO Assists Sports Bar With Commercial Fire Damage In Evans

Commercial fire damage can affect a business in numerous ways besides the obvious loss of revenue from closure during cleanup. Employees suddenly have a loss of income, and there are times unhappy patrons leave reviews that can hurt a business regarding an unexpected closure without knowing the circumstances.

SERVPRO was called one evening to mitigate commercial fire damage in Evans from a flash fire in a sports bar kitchen. The bar owner was frantic because he had a large gathering booked for the following night and the mess and odor left behind from the dry powder fire suppressant looked daunting to him as far as being able to open for business the following evening.

SERVPRO emergency response teams are available around the clock, and we arrived at the location prepared to work through the night to enable the bar to open on schedule. The dry residue left behind from the fire extinguisher was light and mixed with soot. It can travel through foot traffic and air, so to avoid any spread, the technicians contained the kitchen area while they were working and shut off the HVAC. We used handheld vacuums with HEPA filters to remove the dry residue. The HVAC ducts were inspected and thoroughly cleaned so lingering odors would not be a problem when the bar reopened.

Technicians hand wiped the kitchen surfaces with our specially formulated cleaners to eliminate smoke residues left behind by the fire and disinfect the area, so it was sanitary and ready for use to prepare food items. Once completed, our technicians walked the bar owner through for his approval and he was pleased and relieved, his sports bar was not going to have any more downtime from the kitchen fire.

SERVPRO of Columbia County knows business owners need commercial fire damage mitigated as soon as possible, so there is no disruption to the business. We are available 24/7 to serve our local community at (706) 868-5441.

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After A Fire In Your Evans Commercial Property, Call Our Crew Of Experts For Help!

4/13/2019 (Permalink)

Contact us at (706) 868-5441 to arrange for development of an Emergency Ready Plan, a savvy investment in the future of your business.

Prepare For Potential Commercial Fire Damage In Evans

No investor or owner wants to contemplate the devastation a fire can cause in a business. Putting your head in the sand, hoping this kind of crisis never affects your hard-earned reputation is counterproductive. Taking a few hours to consider how an accidental blaze could destroy your life’s work is time well spent. We encourage you to let us guide the development of your preparedness plan.

Fire damage to your commercial property in Evans is not the end of your dreams. Unfortunately, nearly 50 percent of businesses forced to close while recovering from a disaster find themselves permanently shuttered. In a competitive economy failing to meet the needs of current or potential customers for even a brief period can cause them to seek another source of services or products. A fast turnaround after a fire can prevent customer attrition.

SERVPRO offers our Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) as an alternative to hoping the worst never happens. An experienced Project Manager assesses the layout, equipment, storage, and discusses your day to day operations. We distill what we learn into a digital document, accessible from any mobile device. You further personalize your ERP when you complete your Profile, giving us information about the vendors and contractors you used to build your business. Designate trusted employees or family member to act on your behalf if a fire occurs when you are unavailable.

As we help fine-tune your fire damage readiness plan expect our seasoned SERVPRO managers to make practical suggestions that might prevent fire or other disasters and minimize permanent damage to your brand if a fire does break out. Revisiting decisions about maintaining inventory, storing records, and positioning equipment can limit your exposure if fire damage occurs. A discussion about the first steps you and your employees can take if a fire damages your property allows us to partner more effectively with you and your team.

SERVPRO of Columbia County commits to be a proactive part of our robust communities of businesses. Contact us at (706) 868-5441 to arrange for development of an Emergency Ready Plan, a savvy investment in the future of your business.

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Commercial Water & Fire Restoration In the Augusta-CSRA Region

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Don't allow commercial water damage to paralyze your business. Call SERVPRO of Augusta. We are faster to any disaster!

There are many reasons to quickly restore a commercial business to its normal daily operation after a water or fire loss.  The reason that is most prevalent on the minds of company stakeholders is simple:  profitability.  The longer a business remains idle due to a loss, the faster that losses from lost opportunity will mount.  It is critical to respond quickly. 

SERVPRO of Augusta is a large-loss team that routinely mitigates water and fire damage losses in office complexes, medical buildings, university buildings, large hotels and other commercial structures throughout Augusta.  Whether you are in need of board-up services, commercial drying, or the mitigation of massive amounts of water from a factory floor, we have the knowledge, equipment and proven expertise to deliver fast, proven results for our commercial customers. 

Don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Augusta for your Commercial Restoration needs.  Call (706)868-5441.