What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

I feel like I saved time and money choosing the SERVPRO team that can clean up the house and reconstruct the damage. 

So many of our apartments got flooded at the same time, but your team worked around the clock to help all of us – you are seriously the best! 

My Augusta house was severely damaged by a fierce storm, but your team came out while it was still raining and awful to start work on restoring my property. More companies need to be like you. 

My grandson told me to call you to take the water away from my back porch. He said you always did good work, fast and honest so I listen to him. I am very glad I did. I felt like it was a bad dream, there was no flooding.

I lost my carpets from the flood, but not much else. I understand how your fast service managed to save so many of my prized possessions. Water streaming into your house can be very frightening.

I am glad I have a crawlspace under my house. The flooding was not too bad there but you came and got rid of the water and then even placed some plastic down on the earth afterwards. The work was fast and yes I will get a sump pump.